Cool Cooking Tips

The kitchen isn't every man's favorite room for obvious reasons, but here are some cool tips...

to make your foray into this cooking zone incident-free. Plus, if you bust some of these tips on your lady, she'll think you're a master chef.

Here are some random cooking facts you probably never knew that will help you run things smoothly during your kitchen escapades.

Onions: To peel them is an endeavor that requires patience and more time than seems fair. Soak your onions in water for an hour before you cut them and the skin will peel away with ease. Try this with garlic as well. To prevent a flood in your tear ducts from the onion fumes, stick them in the freezer for a good half hour or so before chopping them up.

Mushy vegetables: It happens to everyone, but most people just toss mushy vegetables out. Instead, take the vegetables and drain them. Purée them in a blender or food processor and season them with herbs. You can add some butter or yogurt if you wish, and whip it some more. An alternative is to dice the soft vegetables and make a soup with some broth and herbs in a saucepan.

Quantity: Sometimes you may find it tough to determine how much meat to make for a specific number of people. Keep in mind that, in general, raw meat will shed one-quarter of its total weight when cooked.Tenderizer: The best tenderizers -- at least for tough cuts -- are made with vinegar, citrus juice or other fruit juices. Toss some fresh herbs in there too.

Citrus fruit: If you juice your own lemons, limes or any citrus fruit for that matter, warm them a bit before you squeeze and the amount of juice you extract will almost double.

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