Office Wear No-Nos

They might have said in the interview they have a casual office environment, but let’s be honest from a fashion perspective:

This trend is so far out of control that many companies have now banned casual Fridays and instituted dress codes for the entire week. This may not be what you wanted to read -- and if you'd read your AskMen.com Style Bible, you'd know better anyways -- but the truth is that as employers loosen up the employees often lose all sight of sartorial dignity.

Unless you get a pedicure regularly, your feet probably look much better clad in leather shoes than exposed for all the world to see. Why then must we address flip-flops as an office wear no-no? Because casual Friday became casual Monday-through-Friday, some think they're living in a Corona commercial and keep showing up for work with bacteria factories strapped to their feet. Spring break may be a state of mind for you after your school days have ended, but we’ll leave that for your therapist to resolve. What you need to understand first is that men wear socks and leather shoes to work. For ultimate comfort and versatility find a pair of leather loafers in a British tan -- they're just as comfortable as flip-flops and a lot less childish and underdressed.

Text Ts
T-shirts with text across the front or back are what you wear when you pick up your last paycheck. Until that day comes, however, have some dignity and wear a shirt suitable for casual business encounters. And last night’s concert souvenir is an office wear no-no as well. If a short-sleeve shirt is appropriate, then stay away from all-out sports wear as well and find something with a bit of class such as this polo-inspired shirt from Kenneth Cole.

Cargo pants
While no one disputes that cargos are great for the weekend, they look too casual and do not inspire confidence in your superiors or clients while you're at work. You’re not working at a coffee shop between classes, pal. You’re working in an office, which means that if you’ve got stuff to carry you need a briefcase and not pockets hanging down around your ankles. Don't try and argue that they're practical -- so are backpacks and you're not bringing one of those to work, are you? (At least we hope you aren't…)

Try corduroy trousers instead of those old khaki pants or blue jeans. They look and feel nicer in cooler weather, but can be dressed up with a sport coat when you need a few extra pockets. And don't overfill your pockets either; if you really need the extra cargo space, opt for a trendy briefcase.

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